Golftracker now available in windows phone store
and Windows store for FREE! With Golftracker you can keep track of your whole groups scores and putts. Golftracker can also track your movement on the course. Offcourse Golftracker saves statistics from yours and your friends scores. You can optionally choose which players statistics are saved. You can also measure distances with the help of Golftracker.


  • Scorecard
  • GPS Tracking
  • Group results
  • Individual player statistics (option to disable/enable)
  • Distance measurement
  • Share courses with other Golftracker users
  • Users can use app without internet connection
  • Save predefined play groups
  • (IAP) Syncronize your results between different devices (phone/tablet/desktop)


Windows phone

Windows 8.1


I can't find my favorite course!

In golftracker users can add and save/share courses for other users to use. This requires you to login with


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